What is #eltchinwag?

chinwag-logo4.jpegHello and welcome to #eltchinwag’s blog. The ‘chinwag’ is a bi-weekly Twitter chat moderated and run by ELT Ireland, a new group promoting professional development in ELT among those working in the industry in Ireland. Every second Monday teachers, managers and trainers alike from around the world come together on Twitter to chat about all things ELT.

What you will find here:

On this site you can have a look through past chat summaries, make comments and suggest topics for future discussion. Our next chat is on Monday January 12th at 8:30 pm Irish time. After that there’ll be a slight change and then twice a month after that.

How does it work?

We regularly ask our Twitter followers to suggest topics or questions for our chat. One of our moderators then decides which one to go for based on those suggestions. Anyone can offer suggestions. Look out for the request for topics from ELT Ireland on Twitter, then post yours as a reply. All topics and ideas are welcome as long as they:

  • are relevant to ELT teachers, trainers and managers and teaching foreign languages
  • have not been covered before
  • are not an attack on any individual or institution


Every second Monday at 8 pm Irish Standard Time we come together and get chatting on our topic. In the future we plan to increase the frequency of chats and run a morning chat too. We’ll keep you posted.

How do I participate?

It’s really easy. Join Twitter then find and follow @ELTIreland. On Monday, log in to Twitter on whatever device you use and search for #eltchinwag. Be careful to find the # page and not the Twitter one. At 8:30 pm, We’ll come online and say hi. Then we start chatting. There’s one very important rule: always put #eltchinwag at the end of your tweets otherwise chatters will not be able to see your comments. Things move pretty quickly, so don’t worry about following everything; that’s what the summaries are for.

Remember to put #eltchinwag at the end of every tweet!

The hashtag isn’t just for tweeting though. If you have anything on ELT you’d like to share, just add it to your tweet. It’s great to get opinions, articles, infographics, webinar news etc. from others. Share and share alike.




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