#eltchinwag Summaries Index

Below you’ll find a list of the eltchinwags which have taken place so far. There are links to the summaries and transcripts where available. If you see a chat which doesn’t have a summary and you’d like to write it, please get in touch.

The summaries include a variety of teaching ideas and links to wonderful sites which offer a vast array of fascinating tips and tools for language learning.

If you’d like to suggest a topic, please check this list to ensure it hasn’t been covered already. Not here, tweet us @ELTIreland to make a suggestion.


october 2014

20th – Error Correction and Feedback- Transcript

6th – Classroom Games- Transcript / Summary

September 2014

22nd – Experiences at Home and Abroad- Transcript

8th – Teaching Exam Classes- Transcript / Summary

june 2014

23rd – Multiple Intellgence Theory – Transcript / Summary

10th – Classroom Listening Materials – Transcript

May 2014

26th – Promoting Study Skills – Transcript 

12th – Adapting Reading Materials – Transcript / Summary

April 2014

28th: Teaching Mixed Abilities – Transcript

14th: Continued Professional Development (CPD) – Transcript / Summary

March 2014

31st: Pronunciation – Transcript  / Summary

10th: Recycling Activities, Checking without Testing – Transcript / Summary

February 2014

24th: All Things EdTech – Summary


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