Evening ELT Entertainment

Got your week booked out yet? Hopefully you’re shaking your head and thinking, ‘How can ELT Ireland help me to fill a couple of my evenings this week?’

How dear reader? Here’s how:

  • Join us on Twitter at 8pm Irish time on Monday for #eltchinwag; a good ‘oul natter on Adapting Reading Materials to your learners’ needs is promised. This is the first in a monthly series of talks on adapting materials to different skills. Link here
  • Or how about some face to face contact? Join our Article Writing Forum on Wednesday evening at 6:30 pm. Free for members. Tickets here
  • Feel like a video or two to kill 15 minutes? Watch our ELTed talks here.

Adapting materials is something we all do in some way, shape or form. It is essential to the spirit of a classroom to have activities which have been tailored to enhance and extend the learning process. Not only that, but our learners’ varying styles demand diversification. How many of us want to sit looking at 800 words of straight text day in, day out?

Often though, as you are no doubt aware, time does not allow the busy ELT teacher to create adapted materials. So how can we speed up the process? In tomorrow’s chat I will be posing a number of questions to our tweeters, this one included. Fingers crossed that by the time our hour is up, we will have identified a few nifty little tricks for adapting materials in time-rich and time-poor environments.

Something to chew on:

  • What different types of reading materials do you use in the classroom?
  • What stops you from using certain materials?
  • Why do reading materials need to be adapted?
  • How can materials be adapted for reading tasks?
  • With ideal preparation time, how do you adapt materials?
  • Given little time, how do you adapt materials for reading tasks?
  • What’s your favourite way to enhance a text?
  • What pitfalls have you encountered when adapting materials for reading?

Well ELTers, get those thinking caps on and gear up for what promises to be a riveting #eltchinwag. Maybe you could do some adapting tomorrow and tell us how it went.

See you at 8!


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